Tanzania: Dar es Salaam Fuel Prices Up 10 Per Cent

THE price for petroleum products have increased between 3.0 and 11.0 per cent across the country due to charge in the world oil prices.

The regulator, Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA), said while the prices of petrol and diesels went up, kerosene remained unchanged for this month.

EWURA notice showed that Dar es Salaam’s retail price for petrol increased by 7.18 per cent or 142/-, while diesel price increased by 4.46 per cent or 85/- per litre and Kerosene remained unchanged at 1,863/- since there was no new importation of consignment.

The notice showed that Dar prices are the lowest in the country where motorists buy petrol at 2,123/- and diesel at 1,996/-, which is the lowest in the land.

“Changes in local prices are mainly attributed to changes in the world oil market prices and BPS [Bulk Procurement System] premiums,” Ewura said.

For northern regions, Kilimanjaro, Arusha, Manyara and Tanga, the prices have gone up by 73/- a litre for petrol and 105/- for diesel. In southern regions, prices have gone up by 92/- a litre for petrol while diesel went up by 200/-equivalent to 10.96 per cent. According to Ewura, the highest prices have been recorded in Uvinza, Lugufu, in Kigoma where 2,367/-, 2,240/- and 2,107/- for petrol, diesel and kerosene respectively have been reported.

Globally, two months ago, oil prices surged to the highest in more than a year as the market looks ahead towards an accelerating decline in global inventories and a comeback in demand. Futures in New York climbed 2.5per cent late February, rising to the highest since January.

Key players in the oil market have been talking of the rising prices in the coming months, with some even floating the prospect of US$100 crude in the next year or two as the global economy recovers from the pandemic.

Energy Information Administration data showed crude output fell to 9.7 million barrels late February amid an unprecedented polar blast, tying for the low reached last summer when Hurricane Laura sent production plummeting

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