Sudan: Youths Launch Car Washing Initiative to Help the Poor

Khartoum — Some Sudanese youths have taken a novel initiative, washing cars along the River Nile in Khartoum and donating the sums thus earned to secure the financial needs of poor families during the upcoming Holy fasting month of Ramadan.

The youths say they will work from 4-10 pm every day except for Friday. The sums thus collected will be used to help poor families in outlying Khartoum suburbs meet the requirements of Ramadan.The washing of a single car fetches 300-400 pounds. However, the group says it will leave it for the respective car owner to decide the pay, while they do the washing and buy the necessary washing materials.

The initiative has received public acclaim for its good will and patriotic feeling.

“This is a heartfelt initiative from youths (most of them in their teens), a good feeling and a clever understanding of these groups of the escalating needs of the people during Ramadan,” was a general sentiment expressed by some citizens towards the initiative.

The citizens interviewed said the move would mitigate the suffering of poor families, help them with peace of mind in the face of the preparations for the fasting season and also for the requirements of the Eid Alfitr religious festivity.

Wrote veteran journalist Murtada Alghali: I can swear to it that Sudan is now all right when I saw a photo of boys in their teens, wearing vests and hanging advertisements that they would wash cars along the river shore and spend the sums earned to help poor families with the needs of Ramadan. At this point, I became convinced that bad manners sowed by the defunct regime will go with the wind!

My Goodness! This is indeed a noble idea, a high feeling and sweet patriotism. This constitutes a free lesson for the politicians who tend to think in the opposite direction.

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