South Sudan: Juba to Ratify Nile Basin CFA Soon

South Sudan will soon ratify the Nile basin Cooperative Framework Agreement (CFA) which outlines rights and obligations for the development of the Nile Basin water resources, South Sudan’s Water Resources and Irrigation Minister Manawa Peter said.

The Minister made the remark during his discussion this week with Ethiopian Ambassador to South Sudan, Nebil Mahidi, according to the Spokesperson of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

During the discussion, the Minister said the agreement on the Nile Basin Cooperation Framework will be approved by the parliament soon.

The Minister said Ethiopia has the full right to utilize its natural resources for its development.

According to the Minister, amicable negotiation will be the key to resolve the issues with the downstream countries on the GERD.

Peter stated Ethiopia’s continued support to the people and government of South Sudan.

Ambassador Nebil for his part briefed the minister about the benefits of the GERD upon its completion for neighboring countries and the region in general.

He has also indicated the benefits of the Cooperative Framework Agreement to all members of the basin countries including South Sudan.

The tripartite talk on the GERD within the framework of the African Union is the key to resolve the issue sustainably, the Ambassador added.

Nebil also stressed the need for Ethiopia and South Sudan to strengthen their strong relation in economic development and other sectors.

The Cooperative Framework Agreement (CFA) outlines principles, rights and obligations for cooperative management and development of the Nile Basin water resources.

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