Ethiopia: Ethiopia Unveils Tourist Friendly Online Gallery

ADDIS ABABA–The Ministry of Innovation and Technology has announced that it has launched online gallery in a bid to make unique photos tourist friendly and expand digital Transformation in the country.

The Ministry’s Digital Transformation Program Manager Abel Solomon said that the ultimate goal of gallery exhibition platform is to enable users benefit from view, cultural platform, source of unique pictures and augmented reality.

Ethiopian photographers will be able to put their work in the system for sale and benefit much out of it as conditions in this regard are made conducive. Hence, the online Gallery will serve as a source of income for photographers. Professionals can post their photos on the social Medias without payment and this online gallery will help them benefit out of the platform, Abel said.

If a person who wants to see a photo through online can see three photos in free and then to see the 4th he/she must pay. If the customer like a photo she/he can pay for it through E-commerce and it will be printed in a standard frame, they can choose the resolution what they want and it will reach at their place.

Photos that entering into the system cannot download owned and standardized and the system will be vital for job creation, to generate foreign currency and to promote or introduce tourism destinations of the country.

Due to the proximity of the innovation and technology to the tourism sector, it is possible to set up a system to subsidize beneficiaries. And the income will be used to subsidize industrial users who have been working in tourist destinations and have been affected by COVID-19.

The stakeholders should sponsor for the advertisements and promotion, for which works on tourism sector and post the tourist destinations on their pages. The advertisements can be sold to the hospital industry and other stakeholders’ works on the tourism industry.

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