Tanzania: TFF Bans Mwakalebela for Five Years With Sh5m Fine

Dar es Salaam — The Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) has banned Young Africans (Yanga) Vice Chairman Frederick Mwakalebela from involving in sports activities for five years for violating the Federation’s code of ethics.

Apart from that, the TFF Disciplinary Committee has slapped a Sh5million fine on Mwakalebela for being found guilty as per TFF’s rules and regulations.

The decision has been taken by the TFF Ethics Committee after meeting with Mwakalebela. According to TFF Information Officer Clifford Ndimbo, Mwakalebela failed to prove against allegations levelled against him before the committee and the decision was made in accordance with section 73(4) of the 2013 TFF code of ethics. Mwakalebela was accused of issuing a false statement that there was no contract signed between Simba and Ghanaian attacking midfielder Benard Morrison.

Yanga’s former top official claimed that the Simba-Morrison contract did not comply with legal requirements hence failing to justify it as per rules and regulations. Mwakalebela was also found guilty after failing to disapprove of the accusations to TFF, Tanzania Premier League Board. The accusations against him were made on February 19, 2021.

Meanwhile, TFF’s Ethics Committee chairman, Mwita Waisaka, said Mwakalebela has been given a chance to appeal against their decision, according to the rules and regulations of the Federation.

“There is an Ethics Appeal committee to which Mwakalebela can file his appeal, which has to be made within a month.” said Waisaka.

This is the second time for Yanga’s officials to face the wrath of TFF. The first one was the team’s Information Officer, Hassan Bumbuli, who was, however, cleared after appealing.

Mwakalebela’s mobile phone was switched off to react on the TFF decision.

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