Tanzania: President Peddles Noble Service

PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan has reminded cabinet ministers to serve the public diligently, saying their presence in office won’t be meaningful without discharging their duties efficiently.

The president recalled that all ministers and government executives are servants of the people and must strive to resolve challenges facing ordinary citizens by effectively implementing development programmes.

President Samia was speaking shortly after swearing-in new Chief Secretary, Ambassador Hussein Kattanga, newly-appointed ministers and deputy ministers at Chamwino State House in Dodoma.

The Head of State urged the ministers to move across the country and resolve people’s problems, warning that whoever fails to comply with directives will be shown the exit door.

“I will be watching you closely, we are here to serve the citizens, I will not hesitate to drop those who will record poor performance,” she strongly warned. She added: “You must make sure this ark reaches the intended destination, whether we come across strong winds or tides.”

President Samia insisted that all ministers, deputy ministers and other public officials serve the government with the aim of attaining the country’s development goals.

She said they must work together by coordinating their activities and supporting each other, instead of working in segments.

“You must work together and resolve problems when they occur, we are serving one government and for the same people,” she noted.

The Head of State directed ministers to help each other in pushing government agendas in Parliament, especially at this time when the government is prepared to table the 2021/2022 general budget.

She said the ministers must do everything in their capacity to move the government businesses forward no matter the challenges they face in the process.

In another development, President Samia explained her decisions to appoint and re-allocate ministers in the mini-reshuffle she made on Wednesday.

She said, Prof Palamagamba Kabudi has been shifted to Constitutional and Legal Affairs since he is competent in the field while Ambassador Liberata Mulamula has been appointed the Minister for Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation because of her long time experience in diplomacy and foreign affairs.

On the same note, the president said she appointed Dr Mwigulu Nchemba the Minister for Finance and Planning because he is a welltrained economist and that Mr Geofrey Mwambe has been positioned to Investment portfolio under Prime Minister’s Office since he has a background of heading the Tanzania Investment Centre(TIC).

She also extended the trust on the new Minister of State-President’s Office Public Service Management and Good Governance Mohamed Mchengerwa, Prof Kitila Mkumbo (Industry and Trade) as well as Pauline Gekul (Deputy Minister for Information, Culture, Arts and Sports) that they will deliver to the maximum expectations.

“I have also seen the importance of adding a deputy minister in the ministry of Works and Transport, and I believe Mwita Waitara will help the Minister, Eng Leonard Chamuriho to discharge various activities under their docket,” noted the Head of State.

She expressed her optimism that the team will make a better combination and that ministers will work as a team to deliver. Moreover, President Samia jolted the political class with a warning against early campaign for the 2025 presidency.

She said the focus must be on serving wananchi and that their records will speak out by themselves.

According to the president, experience has shown that in every second term of the administration, politicians focus on next elections instead of serving the public.

“I want to tell you that you must stop it, put more focus on serving the country, your records will always define you, I will be putting my eyes on you… so closely,” she said.

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