Tanzania: Youths Thumb Up Govt for Access to Credit

THE YOUTH Partnership Countrywide (YPC) has applauded the government for continuing to improve the existing youth policy, especially on smoothing the term for access to credit.

Speaking to reporters at a youth forum in Dodoma, YPC Youth Institute Executive Director Israel Irunde said the youth policy now allows lending to a group consisting five to ten young people as never before.

“Since last year, we have talked a lot about helping young people.

Why should young people be given loans when they are not acquainted or related to each other? Why people with disabilities are forced to cluster in a group of ten people when it is difficult to bring even two,” he said.

He added that recently, Minister of State in the President’s Office, Regional Administration and Local Government, Selemani Jafo announced a new regulation on loans for special groups, including youths.

Under the new regulations, youths can get loans even if they are less than five in a group, while people with disabilities can get government loans at individual level.

In addition, Irunde urged the government to continue supporting the youth, as well as improvements of the existing labour relations laws.

“Too often we have fought to ensure that young people have a conducive working environment. Young people should not be used as a scapegoat; they should feel that they have a better future,” he insisted.

For her part, the Representative from the Prime Minister’s Office – Labour, Youths, Employment and Persons with Disabilities, Ms Amina Sanga called on youths to continue taking advantage of the various opportunities offered by the government, including volunteer training to build their capacity.

“Young people need to wake up; the challenge for the youth is that when someone invites them in a capacity building session, their first question is whether they will be provided with an allowance. They don’t care about the content of the session,” she said.

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