Tanzania: MPs Express Confidence in Samia, Pledge Support

Dodoma — MEMBERS of Parliament have expressed confidence in the leadership of President Samia Suluhu Hassan, pledging to support the government to realise its development objectives.

They said that President Samia has taken over the position from the right person, thus they believe that she will lead the nation into the right path.

The lawmakers were contributing on resolutions to recognise valuable contribution of the late fifth President Dr John Magufuli and his outstanding service and to congratulate Ms Samia. The resolutions were passed by 100 per cent in Parliament.

Nyamagana MP Stanslaus Mabula said that President Samia has greatly contributed to the achievements attained during the administration of the departed president Dr Magufuli.

“We cannot separate the achievements attained during the leadership of Dr Magufuli with President Samia, who was his Vice-President, so we have no doubt that she will take the nation into the right path,” he said.

Mabula added that it is high time the government works on issues which will be beneficial to Tanzanians, especially the poor.

Special Seats MP, Ms Tauhida Nyimbo (CCM) said that when President Samia was sworn in, she gave an uplifting message to Tanzanians.

Ms Nyimbo quoted President Samia saying “It is not the time to look forward with doubt, rather with hope and confidence … It is not the time to look for the past, rather the future in order to build a new Tanzania”.

The legislator said that it is high time Tanzanians unite and work hard for the development of the country.

She, however, said that Dr Magufuli showed the light and a right path which enabled youths to learn from him, saying he was courageous and brought hope to poor Tanzanians, women, and expectant mothers, therefore we should honour him by implementing all what he wanted us to do.

Ubungo MP Prof Kitila Mkumbo (CCM) said that the qualities used by the late third phase president Benjamin Mkapa to obtain his Vice -President, Dr Ali Mohamed Shein resembles those of President Samia and her Vice-President Dr Philip Mpango.

He said that the late President Mkapa described Dr Shein as a person with integrity, love and respect to all people, who worked for the people.

On President Magufuli, he said he has left an indelible mark in the country due to his huge contribution to the development of the country.

Special Seats legislator Asia Halamga (CCM) said youths in the country will honour Dr Magufuli because he had showed them the right path of being patriotic to their country.

“We will honour him for being in the forefront to defend the right of our country and protect our resources,” she said.

Mbogwe MP, Nicodemus Maganga (CCM) said that the message given by President Samia during the state funeral for Dr Magufuli has created confidence among Tanzanians that she is going to do a good job.

Simanjiro legislator, Christopher Ole Sendeka (CCM) said Dr Magufuli’s administration has left a legacy not only in Tanzania and Africa but the world in general, which is why his funeral was attended by at least ten presidents and more than 50 envoys.

Presenting a resolution to honour the departed president’s legacy in Parliament, Deputy Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on Constitution and Legal Affairs, Ms Najma Giga said during his administration, Dr Magufuli worked hard and sacrificed to raise livelihoods of many Tanzanians.

“During his leadership, Dr Magufuli managed to fulfill the dreams championed by the late Father of the Nation by shifting the country’s capital from Dar es Salaam to Dodoma and building modern government offices and implementing Nyerere Hydropower project,” she pointed out.

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